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JBC's Credentials

It's not what we are saying.

It's what our clients are saying...

"Not only did they [JBC] develop our long range strategic plan but they continued to deliver throughout the execution of that plan."

"JBC came through for us when it counted most --- designing, developing, and delivering just in time training for in excess of 5,000 employees."

"You [JBC] should be commended on the quality and professionailism of the JBC specialists that deliver information technology services on our behalf."

JBC's Business Partners

Through successful partnering with information technology service providers, large and small, JBC is able to offer its clients a single service solution.  Numbered among our network of partners are:

bd14583_.gif (175 bytes)  Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) (formerly Lockheed
Martin IMS) 
bd14583_.gif (175 bytes)  Princeton Center Educational Services (PCES)
bd14583_.gif (175 bytes)  IBM
bd14583_.gif (175 bytes)  Adept Consulting Services (ACS)
bd14583_.gif (175 bytes)  SUN Microsystems

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Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073
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